Homes for Heroes


Military • Police • Firefighters EMTs • Teachers • Healthcare Workers  

Military (Active, Retired, Guard)

As a military veteran and past volunteer firefighter we are proud to be your local affiliate with Homes for Heroes Program and to reward those who serve our communities and our nation.  The Homes for Heroes Program rewards local Heroes by giving them significant savings  when they buy or sell a home.

To date, we John Reuter (The Reuter Team) has helped Heroes in Wisconsin save over $225,000 and have donated more than $50,000 to Help Heroes in need of financial assistance or that need home modifications through the Homes for Heroes Foundation.

So how exactly does a Hero save?   Heroes save when they buy or sell a home.  We have negotiated with local lenders, title companies, home inspectors, radon mitigation companies, and other local companies all to offer discounts to Heroes.  All Heroes need to do to get started is contact John Reuter at 608-669-4226 or e-mail

Their are no fees, contracts, or red tape with program.

Heroes Receive

  • A “Welcome Home!” check from Homes for Heroes after purchase your new home!
  • Rebate check from us after closing.  Amount is equal to .7% of the purchase price
  • 1 Year Home Warranty ($450.00 Value)
  • Discounted Mortgage Lender Fees when you mortgage or refinance with a Homes for Heroes Lender  ($750 or more off Mortgage Fees)
  • Other discounts through our Friends of Heroes Program® on Title Fees, Home Inspections, and various other Real Estate Services


Example on $250,000 Purchase.  Hero will receive rebate of $1750, $450 Home Warranty, $750 Lender Discount, $100 Title Company Discount, $50-$100 Off Home Inspection, $50-$100 off Radon Mitigation (if applicable).   The total savings the Heroes would be at least $3,100!