Welcome Lexi Houghton

Lexi Houghton

Lexi Houghton – Realtor with The Reuter Team

We are exciting to announce the addition of Lexi Houghton to The Reuter Team.  Lexi bring years of customer service, enthusiasm, and a passion for homes.  Lexi is go to specialist for real estate in Waterloo and surrounding areas.  She is committed to giving back to Heroes that serve our community and our nation through the Homes for Heroes Program.   The Homes for Heroes Program rewards Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Medical Professionals, Teachers, and Military for their service by providing them with significant savings when they buy or sell a home.  If you would like more information please visit www.wiheroes.com or contact her at lexi@thereuterteam.com


Welcome Lindsay Reuter!

lindsayFor years Lindsay Reuter has been the hidden ‘secret’ to The Reuter Team and been in the background managing client transactions, ordering pictures, sign installations, and doing all the office ‘stuff’.  Lindsay will be transitioning from our Client Care Specialist to Real Estate Specialist.  Lindsay has a commitment and passion that cannot be matched and will always go the extra mile for her clients.  She is committed to giving back to Heroes that serve our community and our nation through the Homes for Heroes Program.   The Homes for Heroes Program rewards Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Medical Professionals, Teachers, and Military for their service by providing them with significant savings when they buy or sell a home.  If you would like more information please visit www.homesforheroes.comor contact her at lindsay@thereuterteam.com

Kyle Henry joins The Reuter Team

38750948_735366536815697_4094707694135410688_nPlease help us in welcoming Kyle Henry to The Reuter Team!  Kyle is an Air Force Veteran and specializes in Real Estate in Sun Prairie and surrounding communities.  Kyle brings with him his superb work ethic, outstanding client service, and his supreme knowledge in investing.  Kyle’s first question when joining the The Reuter Team was, “how I can be a part of the Homes for Heroes Program and give back to others”, at that moment we knew Kyle and our team were a perfect match.  Kyle joins The Reuter Team in being the #8 Real Estate specialist in the Nation for Homes for Heroes and the top affiliate in the state of Wisconsin.  For more information on buying, selling, investing or  Homes for Heroes you can visit www.homesforheroes.com or e-mail him at kyle@thereutertam.com

January Sales Report

Real-Estate-MarketHow’s the real estate market?   Prices are up, demand is high, and mortgage rates remain low.   Learn more about the housing market in January and what our predictions are for spring.

Housing Market

Each winter we get asked, “Should I wait til Spring to sell my home?”.  During the winter months the market is slower, but the buyers tend to be more serious.  We are still in a seller’s market in Dane County which means their are more buyers looking for homes than what is available.  We have about 3.5 months of inventory currently available, compared to 2 1/2 years ago at this time we had 5.6 months inventory available.  For a balanced market we should be around 6 months of supply (inventory).   This winter we have seen the average price of homes increase 2.8%.

Mortgage Rates

We are seeing mortgage rates start to inch up little by little.  In January the average interest rate was 4.15% according to WRA President Michael Theo.  Rates have increased since 2012 at this time when they were 3.35% Theo stated.

Moving Forward to Spring

The market is not slowing down anytime in the near future, as the inventory shortages are going to continue through the rest of the year and into 2019.  With the prediction of the interest rates increasing to 5% in the 4th quarter of this year, we will see demand to buy homes increase in the 2nd and 3rd quarters as buyers try to avoid the higher rates.  This increase will push inventory levels lower than where they currently are and homes prices will continue to rise.

Buyer what does an interest rate increase mean to you?   An interest rate increase will affect what you can afford for a home.  For instance, on a $300,000 home with an interest of 3.25% and a down payment of 5% on a 30 year mortgage your payment would be approximately $1241 according to BankRate.com.   Take the same terms with a 5% interest and the same home will be $1530 per month.  That is a difference of $289 per month.   This can be scary, but interest rates are only going to keeping rising from here.  How high and for how long?  That is the uncertain, if we had to guess we would say for the next 5-7 years as long as the economy keeps doing well

If you are thinking about buying a home the steps you need to… Contact us.  We will set up a first time meeting to go over the home buying process, learn what would like in a home, and areas you would like to live.  We will also talk about different contingencies, financing, and establish a timeline to make sure you get the keys to your new home in time before your current home sells or your lease ends.    You can contact us below or call 608-834-3341 to get started or e-mail us info@thereuterteam.com

Taking a peak at homes on the market?  Use the most trusted app in Real Estate – Home Scout.  More accurate, more updated, your information is secure and never sold.  You can even find the closest coffee shop or gas station near your home!  Want to know about schools?  It gives your the ratings!   To download HomeScout click here or go to the Apple Store/Google Play download HomeScout – register as a new user and use VIP Code Badgers.

If you are thinking about selling a home…  Contact us for your free market analysis of your home.  A market analysis will show you similar homes for sale, homes that have sold, and homes that did not sell (expired).  When we present your market analysis we will do a walk through your home and give you staging tips/advice to make sure your home sells for top dollar.  We will establish a timeline based on if you are relocating, moving to another home in the area, or building a home.   When the time is right we will have our professional photographer come take photos and video your home and then start our pre-listing marketing plan!  Our pre-listing plan is designed to get lots of excitement and get everyone talking about your home.  We do this by social media blasts, post cards, door knocking, invitation only ‘viewing’ for neighbors, and cap off the week with the grand finale – a MEGA OPEN HOUSE!

Schedule your free market analysis by contacting us below or call 608-834-3341 to get started or e-mail info@thereuterteam.com

Wanna build your dream home?   Contact us to learn how we can get you $5,000 in FREE Upgrades!!


Are you a Firefighter, Law Enforcement, Military, Heathcare Work, or a Teacher?  First, THANK YOU!!  You guys are amazing.  Second, contact us to learn how we reward you for service by helping you save thousands when you buy or sell a home!


The Reuter Team is powered by Home Buyers Marketing II Inc.   Providing our clients with the most advanced technology available for their home search.

Market SnapShot – Dane County

Market-SnapshotLast week in Dane County we saw 144 new homes come on the market.  Of the 144 homes, 16 got accepted offers and 26 are currently being withheld from the market.  The Dane County housing market is still a ‘seller’s market’.   A seller’s market occurs when their are more buyers than homes listed (supply vs. demand).  Many new homes that are being listed between $150,000-$300,000 are seeing multiple offers within a day or two of being listed on the MLS.

For home buyers, interest rates have inched up a little over the past few weeks but still remain low compared to historical standards.  Experts predict that interest rates will continue to increase during the next two quarters and by the end of the 4th quarter will end around 5%.  Our buyers are seeing great success in this market as we have a few tricks up our sleeves to give our buyers the advantage.  One of the advantages our buyers have is with the HomeScout app.  The only app that directly connects to the MLS and filters homes that have accepted offers or that are sold.  It’s also safe and secure, and your information is never sold to anyone (no random phone calls 🙂 To download the app click here!

Dane County Housing Numbers

New homes 144 Homes

Accepted Offers 16 Homes

Currently Withheld from market 26 Homes

Sold Homes 39 Homes

Current Homes on Market 615

Under 150,000 – 16 Homes

$150,000-$200,000 – 32 homes

250,000-300,000 – 56 Homes

300,000-400,000 – 155 Homes

400,000-500,000 – 128 Homes

500,000-1,000,000 – 154 Homes

1,000,000+ 29 Homes

To get a detailed listed of homes on the market please download the HomeScout App (VIP Badgers) or contact us by filling out the form below.



All information provided from John Reuter, a licensed Realtor with Home Buyers Marketing II Inc.

Open Houses this Weekend! (2/10-2/11)


Market SnapshotThe real estate market in Dane County is on FIRE!  We are continuing to see an extreme inventory shortage and homes are getting scooped up as soon as the hit the market.

Selling – If you are considering selling your home now is a great time as prices are up 4-6% from last year and interest rates remain low.  Homes are seeing multiple offers within days of hitting the market.  If you are thinking about selling contact us at 608-834-3341 or e-mail john@thereuterteam.com for your FREE, No Obligation market analysis.

Buyers – Now is still a great time to buy as interest rates remain at historic lows.  Their is an inventory shortage, but we have the technology and negotiating skills to keep you one step ahead of the competition.  Download our mobile app and start searching for homes today!   Contact us 608-834-3341 or e-mail john@thereuterteam.com to learn more!

We have broken down Open Houses for this weekend and sorted them by school district below.





Monona Grove

Sun Prairie



If the snow keeps you in or you don’t have time to go to the home you would like to see  contact us and we can schedule a private showing for you.   We can be contacted at 608-669-4226 or john@thereuterteam.com

Have a great weekend!

The Reuter Team


John Reuter is a licensed Realtor with Home Buyers Marketing II Inc. and your local Homes for Heroes affiliate!