Homes for Heroes

homes_for_heroes_LPThe Reuter Team is proud to be a part of the Homes for Heroes Program to reward and give back to our local Heroes when they buy, sell, or refinance a home.  We have pre-coordinated discounts with local businesses ranging from mortgage lenders, home inspectors, title companies, insurance companies, radon mitigation services, and many more.   Below we will break down how you save, how much you can save, and who qualifies.

Buying a Home

20171227_180940On a home purchase, the average Hero saves $3,500 on a $300,000 home.   Here’s the breakdown on how you save. 

Realtor – As your Buyer’s Agent we get paid from the seller and then give you back .07% of the transaction amount (Example: $300,000 rebate would be equal to $2,100).  In addition to the rebate ,we provide you with a FREE 1 Year Home Warranty ($450.00 value) and donate 5% of our commission to charities that support Heroes with financial assistance and home modifications.

Mortgage Lenders – Local lenders that we have partnered with agree to give you $500-$750 off closing costs!

Home Inspector – Our local home inspector gives you $50-$100 off your Home Inspection and discounts on Radon Testing

Title Companies – Have agreed to give Heroes $100-$150 off title fees

Radon Mitigation – We partnered with the best Radon Mitigation Company in Wisconsin to give discounts on the installation of Radon Mitigation Systems and on Radon testing.

Selling a Home

25299146_2100005766894377_7070567804252363816_nWhen you sell a home, you qualify for the same discounts as when you purchase a home except for the Realtor gives a discount versus rebate.

  • Realtor gives you a 25% discount off commission
  • Free Home Warranty (covers home while listed and buyers for 1 year)
  • Realtor donates 5% to charity that supports Heroes
  • $100-$150 discount from Title Company
  • Discounts on Radon Testing / Mitigation Installation

Average Seller saves $2,800 on a $300,000 home!

Who Qualifies?

The main Heroes groups are Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Medical Professionals, Teachers, and Military.   At The Reuter Team we know their are a lot of people behind the scenes that support our Heroes and extend the discounts and rebates to them as well.

Examples of additional careers that qualify: 911 Dispatchers, Corrections, Administrative Staff, Forensics, etc.   If you have question or want to know if you qualify please contact us!

The “Small Print”

So all these people agree to give Heroes discounts, their has to be some sort of “small print” or catch to it right?  Theirs not!  The program was built solely on the principal of rewarding and giving back those who serve our communities and our nation.  Our team leader, John Reuter is a military veteran and past volunteer firefighter who has a passion for helping other Heroes.   Since John joined the program in 2015, he has helped over 75 heroes in Dane County save over $250,000 and is ranked in the top 2% of Homes for Heroes Realtors nationwide.

How to Get Started

JohnR-9To get started or to learn more about the Homes for Heroes Program contact John Reuter at 608-669-4226 or e-mail  You can also visit  The savings calculator only includes the Realtor Rebate and does not include all of our local savings we have negotiated.


** John Reuter and The Reuter Team provides additional savings to Heroes by providing the FREE 1 Year Home Warranty for both buyers and sellers.  This is exclusive to The Reuter Team.  We provide 1 Year Home Warranties to give our clients the peace of mind knowing that is something major happens while their house or sale or after they purchase their home they are covered.  John Reuter is a licensed Realtor with Home Buyers Marketing II Inc. **


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